Main Lake

 Etang Negreloube is a totally private estate set within 60 acres of classic French countryside, offering you the opportunity to enjoy the very best carp fishing in truly unspoilt and tranquil surroundings.

Swim Information

Take a 'swim-by-swim' walk around the lake by clicking on the swim numbers on the lake map below.

Information such as depths, hot-spots and features of each swim.

View information for Swim Swim 1 & 2 View information for Swim Swim 3 View information for Swim Swim 4 & 5 View information for Swim Swim 6 View information for Swim Swim 7 View information for Swim Swim 8

Fishery Rules

  • 3 Rod limit
  • All anglers under 18 yrs to be accompanied by an experienced angler in a double swim only
  • Strictly no unattended rods. (Even with receivers)
  • All unhooking matts provided by Etang Negreloube and MUST be used.
  • All fish to be weighed using tripods only.
  • Use of Micro barb hooks only.
  • Semi fixed safety clips and tubing only, PLEASE CUT ALL CLIPS BACK.
  • No sacking of fish. Retaining slings to be used for a minimum time only (5mins)
  • All lhooks to be removed or hook link unclipped BEFORE fish is removed from water.
  • No Fish over 40lbs to be photographed on the bank!
  • Ensure you have ALL safety equipment for fish captures and handling i.e. bucket of water, forceps, Klinik, wet towel, landing net minimum of 42”. (52” recommended.) Please wet all slings /mats prior to fish placement.
  • All fish must be treated with KLINIK etc. on ALL hook holds etc.
  • No braided main line/lead core, recommended mono line 18lb
  • Please dip ALL nets, on arrival prior to fishing
  • No litter, fires, swims to be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  • NO shelf life boilies / preserved baits
  • NO particles allowed. FRESH boilies and pellets only. 
  • No markers in tree line permitted or permanent markers in lake
  • No swimming or boats in the lake. (only bait boats)
  • ARRIVAL Strictly not before 12am. DEPART time no later than 9am.
  • Please fish within your allocated swim area only and bivvies to be placed on swim areas provided only. • Spot Checks of rigs / bait etc. will be done.
  • Bait boats are allowed as long as used sensibly.
  • The bailiff has the right to ban all bait boats for the week if anyone is seen taking advantage and fishing unsafely with them.
  • Please keep swims clean and tidy remove rubbish & litter form your swims prior to departure.
  • The Lake is a very peaceful and tranquil place, please respect your surroundings and other anglers - no shouting or loud music etc.
  • Any excessive drinking or rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated. Anyone acting like this or to be seen taking drugs will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Deposits / cancellation on fishing are non-refundable, together with Purchased / ordered bait.
  • If in any doubt please ask the bailiff for advice, he is there to help!


We reserve the right to terminate your vacation if you are in any way causing disturbance or harm to other anglers, other people, grounds, fish, lakes or property. You will not be liable to a refund / compensation, and you may incur costs for any damage carried out.